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Virtual Design

Virtual Design is using technology to combine our design inspiration, expert sourcing of product and decorating expertise with links to products at a fraction of the cost of full service design. A few benefits of using our Virtual Design services are: providing a detailed “visual” so you can see products within your space, and it is extremely budget friendly. You are only paying for the expertise and not the time consuming shopping of the designer. We like to call this “Design for all.”

The process

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“We had been in our house for almost a year and our family room was cold and sterile. Thanks to Laura’s talents, the room now has beautiful touches and captures the rustic feel that we love. The main wall is the highlight with a gorgeous collage arrangement. So happy to have the focal room we all spend time in finally feel like home! ”

– Jessica D., Randolph, NJ

What can we design for you?

Looking for help with a project? We’d love to learn more about it.