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Transformations so incredible, you might not want to move.

When you are looking to trust someone to upgrade your living space, or prepare your property to sell, you want one thing. To be blown away with the result.

Choosing the right designer is an extremely important decision that can make or lose you vast sums of money. At IBL, we have a passion for design that goes far beyond what most firms offer. We follow a detailed process and plan designed to keep you vision and desires in mind, while bringing our own imaginations to play to create something truly unique and inviting.

We’re invested in the same shared goal: make your property look stunning.

We set out to create environments that evoke emotion and fill a purpose. We apply the power of design to deliver truly exceptional first impressions with Interior Design, Vacant Home Staging, Model Home Staging, and other consulting services available on request.

“We had been in our house for almost a year and our family room was cold and sterile. Thanks to Laura’s talents, the room now has beautiful touches and captures the rustic feel that we love. The main wall is the highlight with a gorgeous collage arrangement. So happy to have the focal room we all spend time in finally feel like home! ”

– Jessica D., Randolph, NJ

What can we design for you?

Looking for help with a project? We’d love to learn more about it.